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Friday, January 29, 2016

5 (Pretty Easy) Ways to take Better Care of Yourself

1. Get more Sleep

My friends and family can attest to the fact that if I don't get enough sleep I can be a little bit miserable to be around.  In fact in high school my friends knew that a requirement to making plans with me was to allow me the time to go home and nap first.  

If I don't get enough, high quality, sleep the whole day is practically a right off.  Since I know this about myself I've been able to put together a tool kit to successful sleeps and since I truly believe a good sleep is the key to a good day I'm going to share it with you.  

First off, splurge on the PJ's. Comfy pajamas leads to comfy sleep.  It's the first step to relaxation.  Second make yourself a cup of tea. Although any type of tea (caffeine free, of course) is great my favourite is Mother's Little Helper from David's Tea. Next it's time to actually go to sleep and I am a huge fan of my nebulizer which gives my bedroom a spa like feel.  And lastly is my eye shade.  Although there are many different ones out there mine is from Saje and is filled with clay and has been life changing for my sleep game.

2. Drink more water

This is one thing that I'm constantly trying to achieve.  I don't know why I'm so stubborn and just straight up lazy about my hydration but sometimes I go a whole day without a glass of water which is just wrong.  My trick?  Try infused water to add flavor that will have you reaching for refills all day long. 

3. Meditate

When I used to think about meditating I imagined sitting in a room, completely still, with no distractions and it sounded like an awful way to spend my time.  Lucky for me there's a lot more fun ways to get your meditation in.  Yoga for starters, whether your own home practice or group classes, offer great opportunities to give you time to focus on nothing else but your own body, movement, and personal growth.

My new obsession though is colouring, which has been shown to be a great way for children and adults alike to meditate.  Plus it's fun, and if you're any good at it, it can produce some beautiful pieces.  

4. Take Care of Your Body

This one is pretty obvious, especially in January when most of our new years resolutions revolve around eating better and getting more exercise, but I think it's such a common resolution because we do all acknowledge how important it is to living a better life in general.  

My new years resolution was to be healthier just in general and to do this I've started logging my food with MyFitnessPal and I've been trying to get, at least some, exercise every day.  But most importantly in reaching these goals is the power of forgiveness.  

When I eat a burger or miss a workout I used to be so hard on myself, and get so discouraged that I would end up sabotaging any further efforts to reaching my goals.  It's been hard, but to forgive myself for my slip ups has been a majour part of the journey to reach my fitness goals.  Plus, sometimes a girl just needs a burger.

5. Spoil Yourself

Everyone in my life works so hard yet hardly rewards themselves for all of that work.  I'm a big believer in work hard, play hard and you don't have to get crazy to feel the benefits of spoiling yourself.  Buy that lipstick you've been eyeing or a novel you're going to read just for fun (in university this concept was completely foreign to me until my third year when I started reading for fun and fell in love with it all over again) or go get a massage.  

Treating yourself in small ways will help you to keep that balance in your life between hard work and reward.  Best yet, plan a small vacation or getaway and leave the work behind for a couple days, returning feeling refreshed and ready to give it your all again.  

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