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Monday, August 31, 2015

Wine Touring for the Girl that doesn't Drink Wine

I am a bellini girl, through and through.  It is the first thing I look for on every menu when I sit down in a restaurant and I have made it my mission to find the best bellini out there.  For the record, Brown's has a special place in my heart because they serve their bellinis with a fuzzy peach, and Blacksheep puts gummy bears in theirs so pretty much anywhere that gives me free candy is a winner in my books.  Anyways, what this means is that when my friends invited me to go on a wine tour I was a little reluctant to commit to it.

My first piece of advice: When your friends invite you to go on a wine tour, even if you have struggled to finish every glass of wine that has ever been served to you, go.  Seriously, go.  Especially if it's in the Okanagan because it's crazy beautiful there.  Besides that, I've tried to make it my own rule of thumb to never turn down spending time with my friends, especially now that we have gone from high school friends that spent five days a week plus most weekends together to being crazy busy and being spread out across the lower mainland and the world.  So I delightedly decided to go, and although I was very excited to get away with my friends, I secretly planned on pretending to drink the wine while eating any cheese and bread I could get my hands on.  

So we began on our first wine tour adventure and I have to say I was very pleasantly surprised.  First of all our tour guide, Tom was literally a genius.  Also super nice but seriously this guy answered every question we had and then some.  We did our tour through OK wine tours, and I know that I had no frame of reference but seriously they did an amazing job.  They picked us up right from our hotel, brought us to eight wineries, and dropped us back off again with lots of laughs and wine education in between.

While having a great time with my friends and stopping for a delicious lunch at Lake Breeze Winery,(which by the way, if you think you can get through that day without stopping for a giant plate of pasta you are wrong.  Admit defeat, have six glasses of water and some lunch) I discovered something surprising, I actually really like wine.  I'm sure having endless glasses in a short period of time helped matters, but there were a few I actually really liked.

The sparkling rose at Monster Winery was delicious, as was the Pinot Gris at Perseus.  In the end it was Therapy's Freudian Sip (for an obvious play on words reason) that won me over and ended up being my one and only wine purchase of the day.  Another piece of advice, don't stop yourself from buying wine because you don't want to get caught up in the moment.  Go ahead, get caught up in the moment!  You're most likely on vacation, having a good time, and will probably end up spending the money at your local liquor store down the line anyways.  

So, overall our first wine tour was a fantastic success!  When we got back to our hotel room I think we each said at least twice what a good time it had been.  It went something like:  "But seriously guys, that was so much fun." agreement from everyone, moment of silence, "No, seriously that was great!"  So you get the idea, when life gives you lemons make lemonade, when life gives you a wine tour, make amazing memories.

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