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Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Beatniks Bistro

Last week I had the pleasure of having dinner at Beatnicks Bistro in Fort Langley.  Approaching the restaurant I was instantly charmed with the quaint size, of the small building.  We walked inside and were greeted with live music and a beaming waitress who sat us instantly.  I was overwhelmed by the options the menu offered.  There were four types of sangria alone, so I obviously ordered one and it was delicious.  

For dinner I had the roasted turkey sandwich with potato and goat cheese soup and it was amazingly tasty.  I probably said about five times through out the meal, "This is sooo good!"  I love potato soup and make it a point to try it anywhere that it's offered and Beatnicks was so good, second best only to my friend's mom's that she makes me every time I visit.  The food was amazing, the music was delightful and the service was wonderful.  Our waitress was attentive and personable, even taking time to discuss the puzzle inside the lid of the Mickeys we ordered.

I for one, am pretty confident about my guess but feel free to comment below if you've solved it!  Overall, I felt so rewarded for my decision to eat at Beatnicks Bistro and once I had consumed that last spoonful of potato and goat cheese soup, I was eager to go back and try any number of the other options that they offer.  I for one will be returning soon and often, and I encourage you to do the same!  

Want to know more about Beatnicks Bistro?  Visit their website:

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